Wakey Wakey

Wakey Wakey

Movie made by my favorite director. When I want to relax, I just sit on couch, open my favorite website with movies online and watch this movie... From the first movie from Adrian Goodman, I am his biggest fan. I'm still impressed about this movie, even after watching it about six times ;) Go for it, relax, play the movie and let it move your mind. After few minutes of watching, it's clear this movie will be great. This movie is really great, I won't tell you much about the storyline to spoil the surprise. One word describes this movie: 'AWESOME!' It's hard to impress me, but Wakey Wakey did it easily. Now if you got some free time, don't wait and watch Wakey Wakey for free online.

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 6,5

Views: 187